Skin pigmentation – reasons and treatment

Posted on 22 Jan, 2011

Pigmentations alter the tone and texture of the skin and also cause blemishes and variance in colour. It is caused because the body produces either too much or too little melanin. Some other causes of skin pigmentation may include reactions to medications that do not agree with a person, reaction to bites and in some cases hormonal imbalances. Sunburn is also a major cause of skin pigmentations.

Laser treatment for pigmentation

Laser treatments help to burn off the mismatched pigmentation that causes the skin to become uneven and discoloured. One could also try Dermabrasion, a process of removing the pigmentation anaesthetically. Besides this, there are vitamin tablets that one could take. These tablets include vitamins A, B and E and a mix of calcium and multi vitamins.

Natural treatment methods

Peels can also be used as a means of removing pigmentations. There are numerous peels available that are often used as treatment against pigmentation. Usually a mixture of tri-chloro-acetic acid and glycolic acid is used. Some even recommend using a spot peel that is concentrated. This is to be applied directly on the pigmented area.

Creams to reduce pigmentations

Creams are often used to whiten the skin and reduce pigmentation. Whitening creams are fast gaining popularity amongst users. This also helps to bring down pigmentation and rejuvenate your skin to its original tone.

Vitamins as a source of pigmentation reduction

Sometimes pigmentations arise out of a lack of vitamins. Hence it is essential to take vitamins like vitamin A, E and B regularly. Multivitamin tablets also help to reduce pigmentation. Some have tried using a mixture of colchine, etretinate and vitamin A to avoid scars left over by pigmentation.