Skin pigmentation – ways to treat it

Posted on 27 Oct, 2010

Pigmentation is a common skin problem found in many people. The pigmented area looks darker compared to the general complexion. This problem can sometimes worsen if not treated. Looking at the increase in pigmentation problems faced by individuals, medical science has introduced some effective and cost effective measures to treat it. Here are some of them:

Some effective skin products

You can now find skin creams, gels and other products that help to reduce pigmentation marks and other spots on the face giving you flawless skin and a better complexion. Some of the effective products that should be used by the pigmentation patient are:

Lightening creams – The key ingredients used in these creams are vitamin E, vitamin A and physical sun filters. These protect your skin against the harsh UV rays lightening the marks and eliminating the discolouration on the skin.

Pigment lighteners – These lighteners often use natural products to improve the complexion naturally. The ingredients used in these gels and creams not only reduce the marks on the skin but also enhance the overall health of your skin. You can use these creams to treat hyper-pigmentation as well.

Laser treatment – The most effective way to treat pigmentation

Laser treatment uses intense lasers to target the affected cells and eliminate the problems. It does not harm the upper layers of skin keeping it healthy and safe. With advances in this technology, one can easily get rid of these unwanted marks, spots and discolouration of the skin. To get long term and effective results, the patient may require a number of sessions depending on the intensity of the pigmentation.