It’s easy to regret a tattoo but how easy is it to remove something so permanent once you’ve realised you’ve made a mistake? Unwanted tattoos can cause havoc on your life and the thought of having your ink removed can further fuel anxiety and fear. What will it look like afterwards? Will it be painful? Luckily, The Laser Treatment Clinic offers a safe and effective solution that removes permanent and semi-permanent tattoos in most shapes, sizes and colour. Tattoo Removal A New Kind of Treatment

Before we explore the treatment, let’s look at the increase in unwanted tattoos amongst former tattoo enthusiasts and discover why more people are opting for tattoo removals more than ever before.


The rise of tattoo removal

It’s no myth that technology has advanced over the years and the chances of knowing someone with a tattoo these days are hardy slim. A Pew Research Centre Study, carried out in 2014, showed that 40% of young adults have at least one tattoo. But with new and improved solutions being invented, it’s leaving individuals more inclined to get a tattoo based on the knowledge that they can now have it easily removed if they are no longer happy with it. This wasn’t the case 10 years ago. With treatment and methods being so limited back then and the increase in options nowadays, it seems more tattoo removals are beginning to take place now more than ever before.


Book your consultation

Our friendly skin experts are profoundly knowledgeable in their field and are more than willing to be on hand to answer any questions that may be on the client’s mind. That’s why we offer free consultations, designed to make the client feel as comfortable and as reassured as possible. During the consultation, the consultant will recommend the best possible treatments to go for depending on the client’s individual needs. Following this, the client will be booked in for a skin test patch, which can usually be done immediately after the consultation. With our treatment being approved by our Medical Experts, we can provide you with the techniques, products and facilities required for most tattoo types.


What does the treatment involve?

Our number one concern is the safety of the client, so on arrival, you will be presented with goggles to protect your eyes and a full overview of what is to be expected from the treatment to make sure you are feeling as prepared as possible. You will benefit from our Marine Skincare, which is a skincare treatment that has proven botanical and marine actives supported by the best science, to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and in top condition throughout your tattoo removal journey.

The laser treatment usually produces an immediate whitening/grey abraded appearance to the tissue surface of the skin (due to your body releasing microscopic bubbles on your skin) but once the whitening disappears, it is not uncommon for the skin to swell or become inflamed. This could last for several hours and there’s a possibility for temporary pigment alterations to occur as a result. Luckily, any discomfort is minimal and can be further reduced with the use of an ice pack. Your treatment will be completed with the application of the Advanced Marine Skincare and it is recommended you continue to use this after you complete your treatments to maintain optimum results.

What kind of treatment is used?

We believe it is truly important to use the most advanced treatment when removing tattoos, which is why we use Nd: YAG Laser treatment, which is the latest gold standard in tattoo removal. The process consists of delivering laser energy to target the carbon particles in the skin, allowing the rest of the skin (the no inked part) to remain undamaged. Black tattoos respond quicker to the treatment than multicoloured tattoos but both amateur and professional tattoos can be removed using this treatment. Multiple appointments are likely for more complex tattoos with a mixture of shades and colours but there are instances where effective results are achievable from just one session. Every colour has different absorption characteristics and may require various wavelengths of laser light.

In our experience, we have found that our clients are thrilled with the results, with an average of 6-12 sessions depending on the size and colour of the tattoo. Please visit our website for more information and for a chance to book a free consultation to begin your tattoo removal journey.


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