1. Why is pigmentation treatment necessary?
Pigmented spots are those that are darker than your natural skin colour. They appear when an excess of melanin is produced in the skin. This happens as a result of exposure to the sun or they can be present from birth. These types of pigmented spot are usually benign, and removal tends to be for cosmetic reasons.

2. What treatment is available for pigmentation problems?
The Laser Treatment Clinic offers a combination of two treatments in order to obtain the best results. The treatments are Advanced Intense Pulsed Light Treatment and Microdermabrasion, Laser Therapy and Ultrasound Treatments.

3. Is pigmentation treatment painful?
The AIPL treatment is generally likened to having an elastic band snapped against your skin, while the microdermabrasion does generate a scratching sensation, but they should not cause much discomfort.

4. How long does a session take and how many are needed?
AIPL can be used to treat a face within about twenty minutes. We generally leave two to three weeks between sessions, and significant results are usually seen after six sessions. Skin that has undergone microdermabrasion usually needs a week to heal and for skin to renew itself. The length of the course of treatment would be determined by the practitioner.