The permanent reminders of pregnancy (2)

Posted on 30 Jun, 2012

One woman in the US has new set up her own website that encourages new mums to share their feelings about their bodies post-pregnancy. She was spurred on by her difficulties accepting what her body looked like once she had given birth. Constantly comparing herself to celebs was proving destructive and unhelpful, so she decide to share her experiences with other ‘real’ new mums (the ones without the dieticians, personal cooks and fitness trainers).

While this website offers support and reassurance to a growing community of women around the world, it can’t change opinion overnight. And, sometimes, moving on is not just about acceptance but treatment.

Some women do get terrible stretch marks that can literally cover the abdomen with red and purple streaks; others develop significant pigmentation problems that will only darken further with time; thread veins can suddenly pop up out of nowhere on the face and legs…

Changes such as these can be terribly hard to live with if they are noticeable or extensive, and should be dealt with before they can have a negative effect on self-image and confidence; it’s not about getting your pre-pregnancy body back. It’s about making it easier for women who have been left with more than just a bundle of joy when they give birth.