The Skin Concerns We Can Treat With Our Derma White Treatment

Posted on 07 Mar, 2022

Derma white treatment is a gentle, natural alternative to popular facials, such as dermaplaning treatments and chemical peels. Unlike other types of skin treatments available today, Derma white treatment is suitable for all types of skin. It can brighten and clear any impact area. While the peeling method is still used, it involves natural and herbal products aimed at problem areas and skin conditions.

What are some of the skin concerns Derma White treatment treats?

Derma white treatment can assist with a wide range of conditions. This includes the following:

  • Ageing skin – As we get older, our skin starts to sag and fine lines and wrinkles can appear.
  •  Sun-damaged skin – Sun-damaged skin can be dry and scaly. 

  • Scars – A scar is a mark that can be left on the skin after an injury or wound has healed. Some people also have scars that occur naturally at birth. 

  • Sebum cysts – Sebaceous cysts come from your sebaceous glands. If the duct, i.e. the passage through which the sebum leaves for the skin, ends up getting blocked or damaged, cysts can appear. This will typically occur as a consequence of some type of trauma to the area, for example, a skin condition like acne, a surgical wound, or a scratch. 

  • Large pores – Pores can become clogged with dirt, dead skin, or excess oil, or they can appear bigger because of too much exposure to the sun. There are other factors that can influence pores getting clogged, such as hormones and genetics. 

  • Acne – Acne happens when your hair follicles become plugged with dead skin cells and oil. 

  • Melasma – Melasma is a skin condition that is characterised by blue-grey or brown patches, or spots that look like freckles. Melasma occurs when you overproduce cells that make the colour of your skin. 

  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) – Finally PIH occurs when your skin makes more melanin once it has been injured or irritated. Melanin is a natural pigment that is responsible for the colour in your eyes, skin, and hair.

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