There are two ways to address pigmentation problems, and at The Laser Treatment Clinic in London, we tend to combine the two approaches in order to get the best results and a much improved appearance.

One of the therapies we use for pigmentation treatment is Advanced Intense Pulsed Light treatment. A gel is applied to the skin before using the light, which is in contact with the skin for well under a second. You will feel no more than a snapping sensation on the skin, but the light will have caused the excess pigments in the skin to heat up and disintegrate. This makes the treatment very fast, and only twenty minutes are needed to treat the face, just five minutes for a cheek.

As the procedure acts below the surface of the skin, there is no damage to the epidermis. The mark can darken slightly immediately after treatment, but will then peel or fade within two weeks.

While AIPL can produce very effective results in causing pigmented areas to fade in colour, there is also another approach that can be used in combination. We’ll take a look at Microdermabrasion, Laser Therapy and Ultrasound treatment in the next article.