The second pigmentation treatment used combines the use of medical-grade crystals to deeply exfoliate the area, with the application of laser therapy. The microdermabrasion can create a scratching sensation as it safely removes the upper layers of skin, but it is effective at removing the pigmented areas without causing any damage to the tissues.

A hand-held device allows a highly accurate control of the flow of crystals, which will determine the depth of the pressure applied. Once the newer skin has been revealed, the laser can be applied in order to stimulate the production of new skin cells and collagen.

Collagen is important to the structure of the skin, and also provides the elasticity we associate with youthful complexions. This part of the process can cause redness or inflammation, but does not indicate damage to the skin’s structure.

People can experience pinpoint bleeding after the treatment, but this heals quickly and, and in the meantime, the epidermis renewal in underway and usually occurs within four or five days.

Improvement can be seen after the first one or two sessions, although a course of treatment is usually necessary to provide significant improvements. The courses are tailored to individual needs so that you obtain the maximum benefits.