Thread veins are little blood vessels that appear close to the surface of your skin. As we age these small spidery lines start to appear across the body, most commonly found in women these ‘spider veins’ as they are known due to their appearance, have no specifically known cause, but they are relatively easy to treat with a course of laser treatment!

At The Laser Treatment Clinic, we often receive comments from our clients about how their thread veins affect their lives, including their self-esteem, confidence and overall quality of life, but with an effective course of treatment this can be rectified.

How Does Thread Vein Removal Work?

Thread veins are most commonly found across the face, legs and shoulders. Varying in size and density, they are relatively simple to remove through the use of laser treatment but it is important to receive a consultation from experienced skin care professionals such as the ones found at The Laser Treatment Clinic.

Our skin care professionals will undertake a consultation to provide details information on thread vein treatment, answering any questions you may have. Our thread vein removal treatment has been approved by our Medical Experts and will involve our specified Marine Fluid Treatment, consisting of intense pulsed light laser with marine fluid skincare.

Firstly, the skin will be prepared with the Marine Fluid, following which the laser is applied to the skin to accelerate the micro-circulation process, which in effect will raise the active metabolism of the skin cells to ultimately eliminate vascular lesions such as thread veins.

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Is It Effective?

The treatment will effectively cause the vein vessel to collapse and dissolve, following the skin may appear pink and swollen immediately afterwards, however this will usually reduce within 24- 48 hours. Thread Vein removal from The Laser Treatment Clinic Ithe Marine Fluid Skincare s an effective treatment with results being noted in the first few treatments, we recommend between 6 and 12 treatments for the optimum results, however each case is different.

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