Laser pigmentation treatment is a non-surgical and innovative solution for any hyperpigmentation affecting the skin surface. With a lot of advancements in this field, laser technology is becoming a viable option for people who want spot free and youthful appearance.

Understanding the hyperpigmentation treatment

Melanin is the substance present in our skin, responsible for the natural colour of the skin. In hyperpigmentation, over abundance of melanin causes the formation of dark spots on the skin’s surface. This condition is related to the aging process. It is also related to over exposure and damage to the skin due to the harmful rays of the sun. Hyperpigmentation can also be caused due to skin problems such as acne and melasma.

How the pigmentation treatment works?

During the laser treatment, high energy laser beams are projected on the surface of the skin by an overhead device or by a handheld device. The procedure is supervised by dermatologists on the outpatient basis. There are different types of lasers that can be used in pigmentation treatment. The lasers can differ based upon their functionality, thermal energy and intensity. The best type suited for an individual is determined by the individual’s skin condition. The optimal type of laser for a person should always be recommended by the doctor.

Laser pigmentation treatment is devoid of any surgical incisions and has the least recovery time. There are also fewer risks involved with laser treatment compared to others. The results of the treatment are long lasting.