Many of us find suntanned skin more attractive, and do want to come home from holiday with that sun-kissed look. You may feel that it makes you look better and even healthier. As these examples demonstrate, however, over-exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can pose not only a threat to your health, but also to your looks.

French actress Brigitte Bardot was famous for her sultry looks in the sixties, but overdoing the sunbathing did not help to keep the wrinkles at bay, and she was already looking terribly lined by the time the eighties came around. Ageing is a natural process that happens to us all, so why speed it up?

Other stars display the other signs of sun damaged skin, namely: freckles, or pigmented spots, and dilated blood vessels. When skin is exposed to the sun without adequate protection an excess of melanin production can result in these darker spots. They are produced as a response to the damage sustained by the skin, and are a sign that you need to change your habits.

These superficial signs of sun damage can be reduced with an appropriate sun damaged skin treatment, although it is always better to play the prevention card and use a sun block when exposed to the sun’s rays.