Hyperpigmentation is a very common skin concern affecting people of all skin types. Typically, this is caused by sun exposure and appears as dark patches of skin across the face and body. Although it is harmless, many people will seek treatment to lighten and brighten these darker patches to even their skin tone. It is important to find the right treatments and speak with an expert regarding any skin concern, to ensure successful and safe results.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation occurs when the skin produces more melanin (a skin pigment responsible for your skin’s colour). Hyperpigmentation can affect people of all skin types but is most commonly found to be a concern for people with Asian and Black African skin. This is due to the skin pigmentation being stronger in darker skin. It can be caused by sun exposure, Acne Spots and Blemishes, Folliculitis, Ingrown Hairs, Childhood Scars, Psoriasis, Eczema and more. This is a common skin issue affecting both Women and Men of various ages, across the face and body. Fortunately, it is harmless and can be treated.

Treatments for Hyperpigmentation

We have found Hyperpigmentation, although it is harmless, has a negative effect on an individual’s confidence. As the only experts in Hyperpigmentation specialising in Asian & Black African skin since 2000, Our Harley Street clinic is the go-to for those looking to treat their Hyperpigmentation and gain back the confidence they once had in their skin.

Here at our London Clinic, we offer our exclusive Derma White Treatment. This will permanently clear the Hyperpigmentation on all parts of the face and body including the Lips, Neck, Dark Under Arms, Abdomen, Chest, Back, Legs, Knees, Intimate Areas, Buttocks, Feet and Hands; Safely and effectively leaving the skin looking lighter and brighter.

What can be expected from Derma White Treatment?

Starting any new treatment can be daunting, but our friendly skincare experts are experienced in this skin type and concern and are on hand to offer you all the advice and guidance you need when considering treatment for any of your skincare concerns.

The Derma White Treatment is exclusively offered at The Laser Treatment Clinic on Harley Street and having worked with Asian and Black African skin issues for over two decades, we have a successful record of treating cases of Hyperpigmentation with excellent results and very happy clients. If you decide you would like a consultation with one of the experts, you will receive detailed information on the Derma White Treatment and we will make an evaluation of your individual case, to determine the most appropriate next steps.

The treatment itself is safe and is an alternative method to other, harsher treatments such as chemical peels. You will find your skin appears clearer, brighter and lighter with permanent results once your tailored treatment plan is complete. Find out more about what to expect from Derma White Treatment today.

Head over to our Hyperpigmentation Therapy page to see for yourself the excellent results clients have received and book your consultation today.