Many people suffer from skin pigmentation, and excessive exposure to sunlight is a major cause. However, there are now some very effective forms of pigmentation treatment around.

Pigmentation and its types:

Pigmentation has many forms, and can be passive or inflammatory. Passive pigmentation consists of chloasma and melasma. The trigger of hormones can cause a spill of a melanin stimulating hormone. Pregnancy or certain birth control pills are often a major cause of this. Inflammatory pigmentation is often the result of injuries to the skin, and those who suffer from post acne scarring are particularly susceptible.

Pigmentation treatment

Before undergoing pigmentation treatment, it is necessary to determine your skin type, as there are different treatments for different types of skin. This is why a skin specialist will conduct an in-depth study of your skin before any treatment commences.

Laser Treatment

Pigmentation can be treated in many ways, although laser treatment has emerged as one of the most popular methods. Laser treatment has proved to be very effective, with no bad side effects.

Before undergoing laser pigmentation treatment you should ensure that you select an experienced and trusted professional to carry out the procedure.