Pigmentation occurs in all of us, sometimes in the form of moles and freckles and sometimes in more noticeable forms. These include discoloured marks or spots, as well as pigmented patches of skin.

There are a few different causes of pigmentation marks:

• Many are present from birth and grow with age
• Some pigmentation problems develop through prolonged exposure to the sun
• Other pigmentation issues develop with age

You can do much to prevent your skin from developing pigmentation problems due to sun exposure, namely, by wearing sun cream. However, other problems are present from birth and used to be quite tricky to get rid of. But not any more, not now that laser treatment has been developed.

Do you have pigmentation problems?

If you have problems with pigmentation on your skin, such as uneven skin tone or discoloured marks and spots, there is a treatment available. Laser treatment can break down the unwanted pigment in the skin in just a few sessions, leaving you with clearer, flaw-free skin at the end of it.

Laser pigmentation treatment is now also available for people with ethnic or black skin, which in the past was difficult to treat effectively.