Why treat hyperpigmentation?

Posted on 08 Dec, 2011

Hyperpigmentation has various causes and manifests itself as a discoloured area of skin. The skin becomes darker, and this can affect any area of the body, although the face and back of the hands are often affected. People from different backgrounds can develop hyperpigmentation, with individuals with darker skin being more prone, particularly if they expose their skin to the sun.

While the excess production of melanin is not necessarily an indication of underlying serious health problems, it can create difficulties from a cosmetic perspective. For example, pregnant women are at risk of developing what is known as the ‘mask of pregnancy’, which refers to the appearance of darker patches of skin on the cheeks, forehead and around the mouth, resulting in a mask-like appearance.

This pigmentation will not necessarily fade over time, and if the skin on the face is not protected from the sun’s harmful rays, the patches could darken further. If this kind of discolouration is causing you problems, and camouflage is not an acceptable solution, then you need to consider having laser pigmentation treatment, in order to lessen the appearance of these areas of skin.