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Birth Mark Treatments Reviews

(Results may vary depending on skin type)

I'd used their services and I'm satisfied with the results. I went there for a birth mark treatment and now there is no sign of the birth mark. The experts will solve your problems. I'm planning to go for a pigmentation removal treatment soon.

Laura Harrison, London

I was born with this dark unsightly Birth Mark on the side of my face. It made me very self conscious when I had to face people. I was using a lot of make up to cover it every day, but I was always worried the makeup would wipe off. After only 5 treatments, the Birth Mark is now permanently gone. I am extremely happy with my results.

Ms H. London

Asian skin type

I had a reddish brown birthmark on the side of my neck which could be seen quite prominently against my olive complexion. I've had such wonderful results and I am very pleased with the staff at the clinic who have removed this mark for me.

Sabah. London

Asian skin type

I tried a range of treatments at a few other clinics here in London and in Dubai but nothing had as significant an effect as when I had my treatments here. I am from a hot country so I want to enjoy wearing shorter dresses but up until now, I have never felt comfortable exposing my legs. The clinic were able to remove my birthmark and were always friendly when I spoke with them. It is a nice and comfortable environment to be treated in.

Sabrina. London

Caucasian skin type

I have white skin and had a brown birthmark across my forehead. I wasn't ever able to conceal it with makeup so when I turned 18 I came to the laser treatment clinic and had a course of treatments which removed my birthmark. It does feels strange to not see that darker mark across my forehead that had always been there ever since I can remember but it feels fantastic that my skin is now so clear!

Kiera. London

Caucasian skin type