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Laser Tattoo Removal Reviews

(Results may vary depending on skin type)

I have been going to the Laser Treatment Clinic to have treatment on some tattoos that are being removed. I have been very impressed with the results and it has exceeded my expectation. The therapist giving me the treatment was great. She has been really professional throughout and always reassures me and seeks to make me feel relaxed during the treatment. All the staff are very helpful, professional and friendly. I would certainly recommend this service to others.

Sarah Grace, London

I wanted to remove the semi-permanent makeup done on my eyebrows. I have had only 6 treatments and it is almost gone. I am very happy with the result.

Yasmin. London

Asian skin type

I would definitely recommend this clinic for tattoo removal. The staff were professional and did an amazing job! The facilities are great and the location is perfect.

John. London

Caucasian skin type

I had an ex boyfriends name written on my forearm and needed to remove it before getting married to someone else. I thought of covering it up but decided I wanted no actual memory of this tattoo/person. The black ink took about 6 treatments to remove whilst the red ink took a few more. No sign of the tattoo is left and I can get married without having to wear someone else's name around my arm.
Very happy with my results.

Diane. Kent

Caucasian skin type

Had a tattoo on a night out with my friends. A permanent mistake. So glad that I had it removed at the laser treatment clinic. They did a great job.

Tom. London

Caucasian skin type