Did hair removal on my lower legs to sort out my ingrown hairs. No more ingrown hairs, no more hair and no more of the stubble feel. I’m happy I decided to do this and now I can wear summer skirts.

Leanne J


I have been going to the Laser Treatment Clinic for a while now. I have some tattoos that are being removed. I have been very impressed with the results and it has exceeded my expectation. The therapist giving me the treatment was great. She has been really professional throughout and always reassures me and seeks to make me feel relaxed during the treatment. All the staff are very helpful, professional and friendly. I would certainly recommend this service to others.

Sarah G,


When I was a young adult, I enjoyed drinking a little too much and had to pay the price of having a face that resembled a tomato. Didn’t think it could get much worse than that but it did when I came back from holiday so I booked myself in and had a monthly Marine Fluid treatment over half a year. The results have been very good. Generally, my skin does suffer from ongoing rosacea so I will be back in the future to have some top up sessions. Marine Fluid Shine Free skincare has really helped to calm my skin down too.

Caucasian skin type

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